About Matching Jewelry Gifts

Sharing friendship, love, and romantic feelings can be one of the most rewarding parts of life. Expressing that can be one of the hardest. So when you are really trying to express that romance in a way that lasts, you want to make the most of it. 

One great thing about matching jewelry: they can be one of those great “dress it up or down,” pieces so it can be more or less romantic- as much or little as you’d like. 

It’s an indubitable sign that you value them and want them in your life, and to be a part of their life, without engendering any particular further commitment that isn't explicitly enumerated. 

Of course, for those in love up to their eyes and ears and dreams: matching or coordinating couples’ jewelry can be a unique, insightful, and extraordinarily meaningful way to share the romance when you want that expression to be set in stone, shall we say, but when an engagement ring is unnecessary, obsolete or inappropriate. 

There are innumerable options out there. You can get a pregnancy replicating bracelet that lets the wearer feel in their wrist when the baby in their partner is kicking. 

Yeah, we thought that one was, “interesting,” too. After careful thought and consideration, we decided that wasn't exactly within the purview of our normal business. 


But there are plenty of pieces we at Michael Gabriels are happy to produce for you, and we are always excited to work with you to make something new or modify an existing design to suit your needs and style. 

So here are a few ideas for matching jewelry that we have come up with. 

Say your partner has commented on how much they enjoy a piece of jewelry you wear, or what it's made of or styled as. Let this be an opportunity to give them their own, matching piece to wear. 

These are perfect for love and friendship notes:

Have an inscription that is meaningful to each of you. 

Write in braille or a special language between the two of you. We’re looking at you LOTR fans and Trekkies; yes, Elvish and Klingon are on the table. 

There are “Two Halves of a Whole” designs that come together and can be taken apart, beyond just the traditional broken heart friends wear sometimes after moving long distances. 

These include “Lock and key” designs where one piece is opened by the other piece. 

You could make a “Love Cuff/Bracelet” which requires a special key or charm to open,

literally locking the wearer in, with love. 



Take a shared moment, memory or common pleasure and turn it into a piece of jewelry: 

Did you guys finally share that romantic getaway to the dude ranch and ride horses with snow topped mountains in the background. Congratulations! Set that memory in stone, diamond specifically, with a horse or ranch-themed set of jewelry. Stirrup earrings for one and a saddle bracelet for the other? Are horse-head necklaces too Godfather for you? 

Matching signet rings 

Is there a symbol or sign that you both love? Maybe you have fantastic ideas for a heraldic sign to represent you both? 

A signet ring may be perfect for you. They were an ancient way to sign the user's name before literacy was commonplace. Today they are an elegant way to present yourself. 

Matching name pieces can be a bit cliche but a fantastic idea for many people. 

Perhaps one of the most classic examples of couples' jewelry would be the locket, the charm with a space inside to store something to remember the other by. While they are often pendants, a locket can be anything from an earring to a bracelet charm to a brooch. Literally, any kind of jewelry can be made into a locket. 

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