Diamond Infused Nails: Diamonds become a feature of nail art for Machine Gun Kelly, Jennifer Lopez and others.

Machine Gun Kelly made another headline moment in the fashion world recently when he showed up at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards ceremony with a diamond embedded manicure. 

Attending the ceremony with his fiance, Megan Fox, the musician came replete with no less than 10 carats of diamonds studding his fingers, worth more than $30,000 dollars. 

The 880 small diamonds were embedded into his nail polish before the ceremony, to be removed afterwards and turned into several pieces of jewely to be sold at auction some time this year. All the proceeds are to go to charity, according to the jeweler. 

Yet this isn’t the first time diamonds have wound their way onto people’s nails in a form other than a ring. 

Jennifer Lopez earlier this year released a picture of her nails sparkling with a rare intensity and glitter. 

The celebrity tweeted “Drippin diamonds and gold are @jlo best friend," showing her scintillatin nails, tipping fingers wound with a number of rings bearing precious jewels. 

Her nail polish, Gold Bar by Bio Seewead Gel, features gold and rhinestones to get this effect.

But there is actual diamond infused nail polish. At least one company, Azature, produces more than one nail polish infused with actual diamonds. These small bottles contain anywhere from 98-267 carats of diamonds and can set you back more than 1 million dollars. 

The company is well known for giving Kelly Osbourne a quarter of a million-dollar, black diamond manicure for the 2013 Emmy awards. 

We look forward to the amazing ways diamonds will be featured in the future of nail art.  

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