Rhodium Plating!

Have you ever heard of rhodium plating? 

It’s very likely that you have not, though you might very well be wearing some right now, or using it today at some point. 

The rarest and most valuable of all precious metals, rhodium is a silver-white metal that is highly reflective and resistant to corrosion. 

It was discovered by William Hyde Wollaston in 1803, the same who discovered Palladium, and found to be in the platinum group of precious metals. Named for the rosy color of the ore in which it was found, it went underappreciated for many years. 

Rhodium got its big break when it began being used in catalytic converters, where it is preferred for the reduction of nitrogen oxide into nitrogen and oxygen. 

However, as a material in jewelry and awards, its silvery-white beauty is given the greatest chance to shine and be appreciated. Moreover, because of its corrosion resistance, it increases the life and improves the appearance of your piece. 

Ask us at Michael Gabriels about rhodium plating on your bespoke and customized jewelry. 

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