Satisfying Moms this Mothers Day

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that mothers tend to possess the kind of unconditional love hardest to destroy. What better way to say thank you for so indefatigable a characteristic than with something equally indomitable.  

That's why diamonds make a fantastic Mother's Day gift. And the National Retail Federation thinks Americans agree because jewelry is poised for record sales this Mothers Day. According to the survey released by the NRF, there was a 7% increase in the number of consumers planning to gift jewelry this year, at 41% of respondents up from 34% in 2021. They plan on spending about $7 billion; $3.6 billion more than last year, out of a total Mothers Day expenditure of about $31.7 billion expected this year.

Shoppers will spend the highest averages on record, $246 on gifts per person this mothers day, up $25 from last year.  

Another reason why diamonds make such a great gift: just like moms who take on so many roles and don't break, have such versatility and bring such light to our lives- so too, diamonds. 

You can put a diamond in almost any setting and it will look fantastic. You can pair them with almost anything. 

We know that most mothers would appreciate this strong statement of appreciation and affection.

Here are some ideas for this mothers day. 

  • Let your mother wear your love close to her heart in a pendant.
  • Make sure she hears the appreciation message with a set of earrings.
  • Versatile, pairable, gorgeous bracelets, because mom is so often an ace up your sleeve, and you are for her as well. 

If you are going to buy jewelry for your mom, here a few questions you might want to ask yourself so that you can get the right piece. 

  • Did she ever express a desire for something specific? 
  • What kind of activities does your mother normally engage in
    • You might not want to get her those dangly drop earrings if she spends most of her extra time in the gym or on the sports field. Soccer moms might prefer studs. 
  • What kind of pieces does she wear? Does your mom often wear big pieces, or prefer more subdued ones? Will that Big Carat pendant be something she’ll wear, or would she prefer it in a brooch?  
  • Perhaps something she can wear just about anywhere, anytime, tennis bracelets are one of the most versatile of all jewelry pieces you can use to express your love and appreciation without having to worry about if she can wear it- they go with every outfit on every occasion. 
  • If you are going to make a custom piece for her, how do you decide? 
    • You could make a memory into a piece of jewelry.
    • How do you make a memory into a piece of jewelry?
      • At Michael Gabriels we can expertly craft a memory into a beautiful piece of lab-grown diamond jewelry. 
      • You start with the memory, and we work something from it that stands out and can be translated into diamonds, gold, silver and, or platinum. 
      • Say it was a particular time when your mother took you to the beach and you had one of the most wonderful times in your life. 
        • You could make a pendant with a pave wave hitting a beach of golden milgrain sand. 
      • Or maybe you want to say thanks for all the times she drove to soccer practice and watched the games.
        • Does a minivan with diamond windows sound to cliché or ridiculous to you? Would it to your mother, though? 
      • Perhaps your mom is a marathon runner: you could give her a tennis bracelet she could wear running, that has a diamond for each mile she runs in a marathon, set and spaced perfectly to give her both freedom of movement and style. 
      • Maybe your mom loves to feed people and enjoys cooking. Perhaps a cuisine-themed brooch she can wear on her apron? 

Whether you are going to design something bespoke for mom, or choosing from the collection, we at Michael Gabriels are more than happy to help. After all, we all have mothers too. 

There is a Japanese tradition for children to write poetry for their mothers on Mother's Day. So…

You can take a memory

Sprinkle it with gold

Set it with a diamond

And give it back to mom to hold

That's lovely

That's a lovely 

Way to say 

Mom, I appreciate you

You can take a sunrise

Set it in a sky

Place it on a platinum chain

And give it to her with a smile

And a Happy Mothers Day, Mom, 

And I love you.