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Classic Princess Solitaire Ring (2.50 Carat D-VS1)

SKU: RE2000-A-PC-2.50-2.65-D-VS1-14W-4


Metal Color:

14K White Gold
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Ideal Cut | IGI Certified

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Regally adorning a classic minimalist band, this Lab-Grown Princess cut is provided the exposure to illuminate the interior prismatic effects.

Average Ring Width: 1.9mm
Image shown is a 2.00 carat diamond, with Michael Gabriels logo for demonstration purposes. All engraving can be customized.

Diamond Origin: Lab Grown

This diamond was grown in a lab using modern technology that produces diamonds identical to those mined in the ground at a fraction of the economic, ethical, environmental and geo-social cost.

Carat Range: 2.50-2.65

 The center diamond will weigh between 2.50 and 2.65 carats. Carat, the metric used to weigh diamonds, is 200mg. It should not be confused with the physical size of the diamond, which is measured in millimeters.

Diamond Color: D

This diamond's color of D is in the upper range of color grading as determined by a third party agency, IGI, which grades white diamond color from D to Z.

Diamond color scale

Diamond Clarity: VS1

This diamond is rated VS1, or Very Slightly Included . This grade by our external certification agency IGI means inclusions in the stone will be difficult to see by the naked eye and magnification.

Diamond clarity scale

Independently Certified

All our center stones undergo evaluation by a third party certification company. To review a digital copy of the certificate, contact us via "Chat" button or text us at 845-521-4768.

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